Windows in front of a window

If you mention that your office has a window, most people smile at you and tell you how nice that must be. But say ‘Windows 10’ and it seems like saying those two little words can strike horror in the average computer or tech device user.

Add to that other terms like “cloud,” “server,” “enterprise” … and you created the perfect recipe for chaos in an office if you don’t know what to expect or how to implement changes.

Microsoft recently announced the move of its server and engineering team into the Windows and devices group. What does that mean?

“As we advance our goal to build operating systems that provide the best experiences from the smallest IoT devices to the largest scale server deployments in public and private clouds, the Windows Server team will move from the Cloud and Enterprise Group to the Windows and Devices Group. These groups already work closely together, and we believe this move will help us bring even more value to our customers as we deliver our most cloud-ready server OS with the Windows Server 2016 launch this fall.” Click here for article

Not only is there a new server OS being released in September, sources say, but there is also a slated launch for Windows 10 Anniversary edition.

Not sure how these launches may affect you, especially if you just recently upgraded to Windows 10? Make sure you have our phone number and get in touch with you tech specialist so you can plan for your next software integration.

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