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Imagine Parent Pick Up at School, except with EMAILS!

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How are teachers and administrators communicating with students and parents

We are past that first few weeks of school and trying to get through the notorious ‘parent pick up and drop off.’ Ugh. Makes me shudder just thinking about. The lines are running more smoothly now and pick up times are improving.

But just like the crazy lines outside the school, communication to and from the school, between teacher and class or parents, or with the office can be complicated by the few users that abuse the system or are not following the rules. Imagine your teachers coming in before school to 50 or more emails, because they have been spammed by a parent’s email address. Your teachers don’t have time for that. Maybe a parent didn’t receive an email until it was too late because they don’t check until they get to work the next day.

We know about the phone calling system that lets some of the districts communicate about weather related closures, upcoming events, etc. Some schools are starting to use a text system that will send a text to parents about any announcement the school deems fit if the parents have opted in.

What about the teacher? What similar resources do they have that can be trusted?

When my son was in Kindergarten, the teacher relied upon another teacher to update her class blog so that our class knew what was going on. But unfortunately the parents weren’t told to look at the other teacher’s blog so we spent half the year in the dark. This year, the teacher doesn’t just send out email notices but will text the class with reminders about tests, events, homework, birthday celebrations, using a simple app that allows her to send broadcast messages to any parent that has opted in! She has also created her own blog that isn’t part of the school website. This can be great, but what if every teacher chooses a different blog provider, or format. Are these blogs being hosted by the school server and taking up space?

Some teachers take advantage of new technology. Some are resistant. Some don’t even know those services are out there. And what about that overloaded email box the teacher walked into this morning?

Does your school have a mass communication system via email, text, and or website?
Are your teachers’ email boxes filtered and protected from spam?
Are your teachers using a cohesive method of communication or are they left to use their own resources?

Don’t think we have forgotten about our business clients. The same can be true for you as well. What is the most effective and reliable tool for communicating with your employees and clients? What methods are considered acceptable in your industry?

For smaller districts and businesses this can be a challenge to analyze the needs and the resources to provide the staff, teachers, and parents with the best, fastest, and most effective means of communicating with one another. Don’t try to go it alone. Allow your West Valley Technical Services consultant to survey your systems and present you with the most effective methods fit for you district or business. Let us recommend reliable free and affordable programs to help you navigate your communication needs.

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