Technical Services

We provide a wide range of services to help satisfy all of our clients’ needs. We aim to be your one stop IT solution. Are you looking to trim your IT budget while streamlining your infrastructure? Look no further.


Managed IT Services

The average annual salary and benefits of a single IT professional can cost upwards of $50,000. Conversely, the average annual contract for managed IT services is a mere $12,000. This means you can be SAVING 80% by using our managed services!

Cabling Services

You need to be connected to your security systems, wireless systems, satellite systems and Ethernet connections. We offer a competitive solution for any cabling need you may have. Whether you need a single office or an entire building connected, we’ve got you covered.

Computer Repair

The average bench fee at a run-of-the-mill computer repair shop is $100. How much do we charge? Only $60! This means you’ll be spending 40% less and receiving higher quality service! Beyond SAVING you money, we’ll even come out to your office and fix it within 2 hours (on average). We’ve yet to meet a computer we can’t fix!

VOIP Services

We’ll bring you into the 20th century with Internet-based phone systems! Our customers save approximately 60% of their monthly phone bill after the switch. This is due to relying on your existing Internet connection instead of a separate infrastructure. Isn’t it about time you decreased your expenses?

Made-to-Order Computers

Ever wish you could buy a computer system that was manufactured locally with the best quality components for the same or less than “out-of-box” prices? You’ve found it! Our technicians will build a custom computer just for you, because out-of-the-box solutions are not always the right fit for everyone.

Web Services

If you don’t have a web presence and wish to compete in the modern market place, you’ll quickly find that you need one! We offer web design at a reasonable cost, from creating a simple website to online marketing.

Printer and Copier Service

Typically, an office or business owner has to call one company for their printer and copier problems another company for their computer problems. Not anymore! Our technicians are trained in both areas. One trip, one call – many solutions.

Cloud Integration

“The cloud” seems to be the latest buzzword in today’s technical circles. What does it really mean? It’s quite simple – it uses a collection of servers in multiple locations to supply the computing resources for your various needs. This creates a level of flexibility and scalability that was previously non-existent. Now, any business, from a one man operation to a large corporation, can take advantage of cloud computing to meet your every need.

Network Administration

As your company grows, you’ll find that your technical requirements grow right along with it! Sooner than you’d think, you’ll find that you need an entirely new set of skills than your in-house staff will possess. That’s where we come in. Instead of hiring a full time in house network administrator, you can contract our high quality services for a fraction of the cost! You won’t pay an annual salary and benefits, you’ll only pay for the services you need when you need them.

Business Startup Packages

You have so much to worry about as a business startup. Let us help you take a few things off your plate with our technology packages for new businesses. We’ll help you get going as fast and efficiently as possible. With our simple per-station cost structure, you’ll be thrilled about how little it will cost to get you off to a great start!