Spring has sprung, get that cleaning done!

It’s a given that when the sun starts shining through those windows, you immediately notice all the dust and clutter that has been gather around you over the winter. Yes, that even applies to our technology.  Seems like the dust is in my keyboard, the fingerprints are all over my screens, and … what is that sticky stuff on my phone today!?!?!

Make sure you are using the right products for the right devices to remove, dust, fingerprints, and hiding bacteria and germs (yep, they ARE hiding out on your devices just WAITING to bring back last month’s sniffles.) PopSugar actually had a fun article out back in November called The Easiest Ways to Properly Clean Your Phone. “Neglecting to clean your cell phone is a nasty tech habit to break …(they) have been proven to carry bacteria, germs, even feces.” Eeeewww.  Yep. Pretty gross.  And those of you in schools thought the desks were gross.

Even USA Today posted a great little video on March 21st called 4 ways to declutter your technology for Spring Cleaning.  With tips on cleaning the outside of your devices, they go on to talk about some important things to think about on the INSIDE of you devices as well. Remember the tip you learned about when to finally part ways with clothes in your closet? “If you haven’t opened it in the last 5 years, delete it.”  Best quote, “We promise you. Your resume from 2012 isn’t useful.”  If you are really concerned about deleting it forever (yeah, I get it, I’m one of those people, too) let West Valley Technical Services help you find the best backup solution.

But one of the other topics they hit on, as does OtterBox in Technology Spring Cleaning, isn’t just deleting old files, but backing up photos and videos.  Create a little space so your device can operate more efficiently.  OtterBox also reminds you to get rid of your old devices properly.  Although you may want to go viral with a great video of blowing it up.  Consider instead donating it or recycling it.  Not sure how?  That’s OK.  Your West Valley Technical Services consultant can most certainly help you find the best way to get it out of your storage area.

And once you have gotten rid of the dinosaurs, cracked screens, and tablets that aren’t as good as the case they are in anymore, your WVTS technician can help you find new products to meet those needs.  Or even refurbished ones if you’re looking for something more budget friendly.

Get to work!  Those dust bunnies aren’t gonna hop away on their own.


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