Password Protection

Are your employees being safe?

Passwords are becoming increasingly necessary on just about every site used today. Email, social networking, website management, account management … the list goes on and on. Now they are even requiring more difficult passwords with upper case, lower case, numeric, symbols, etc. But how many people use the same password to log into their computer … that they use to access their email … that they use to access their personal accounts at home? Most likely, quite a few.

There are programs and apps out there that can help those inside of your organization keep your networks safe. And even though hackers have attacked systems, such as LastPass in the last 6 months, the passwords of the individuals using the system are still considered safe. You may find that a small investment up front is worth it. Hosting a training is a great way to encourage them to not only use these programs in the office, but also start using something similar on their personal devices.

How do you know what the best program is for your dollar?

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