Made for each other …

Certain things are just made for each other.


Meat and a hot grill

Summer and sprinklers

Kids and popsicles


OK, so I couldn’t get my mind past SUMMER.  Probably like a lot of our clients right now.  But before it’s time to lock the doors at the school and turn off that part of the brain … Chromebooks made an announcement on May 19th that may have users excited and a little leary.


When it comes to portable devices for education, Chromebook and schools are also made for each other. “Chromebooks are the most popular K-12 device out there with Chrome OS taking up more than 50% of the market,” but that means a few problems as discussed in the article on EdSurge, Welcome to My House: Android Apps Are Coming to Google Chromebooks.


Until now, apps that were introduced in Android were not able to be used on Chromebook, much to the chagrin of many a teacher and administrator. But Chromebooks announced on the 19th that it will be introducing Android to its products.


YAY!!! Oh wait.  Like kids in a candy store, users can get overly excited when a plethora of new apps become available and not take into consideration the possible security risks, data usage, or device storage.


How will the new change affect your devices and network?  Do you have the protection you need? Can you devices handle the storage needs? West Valley Technical Services can help you make sure you are providing the best apps while still protecting the investment.  Contact us today for a professional IT audit. Because you know what else goes together?  Clients with IT needs, and a great service provider like West Valley Technical Services.

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