Internet & Power Outages

At West Valley Technical Services we understand that providing excellent customer service, quality equipment, and stable internet is critical to your success.  Sometimes things happen that are out of the control of WVTS which cause your staff to be without internet.  What then?  How do you function?  What does your staff do?

If you are an educator, this can be very frustrating.  You have students coming in 1 hour and had planned on getting work done before they showed up. Don’t let it take your day down and keep your students from learning.  No free days here! This is a great chance to get back to basics.  I mean, after all, those teaching techniques worked great when you were in school, right?

Tech & Learning ( recently posted some fabulous ideas for teachers. 1) Students Create and Present, 2) Have an Argument!, 3) Free Writing, 4) Reflection or Synthesis of Learning

But what if you are a business that relies on the internet for transactions? Or even power for that matter. With the weather getting colder, the snow starting to fall, and icy roads in the morning it never fails that something takes out the power when you least expect it.  Staples wrote a fabulous article about being prepared in your business the same way you do at home for emergencies.

If you feel like you are at risk, don’t forget to call your service representative in our office and make sure that you business or organization is prepared and protected.

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