Happy Tech Year!

An article in EdSurge titled “We Ask Our Kids What They Learn Each Day. Why Don’t We Ask Ourselves?” immediately got me thinking about New Year’s Resolutions and how this applies.

Some don’t like to make resolutions.  They feel it sets them up for failure to set a goal on the chance they won’t make it.  Others enjoy having the chance to start a new year fresh.  What did I tell myself I would do last year and didn’t? What do I need to do this year to make improvements? If you are in business or responsible for the training of minds … I’m guessing you are the type to make new year’s goals.

Maybe it’s read more.

Maybe it’s learning something new.

Maybe spend more time with family and friends.

Maybe it’s to finish a project that was started in 2016.

It might be to use technology more.

It might be to use technology less (which means using it smarter when you are on it).

Setting resolutions isn’t just for personal growth.  Most businesses start the new year with new goals in mind, also.  The budget was probably decided a few months ago.  January sales goals were set before Christmas. And lesson plans in school were tidied up before the bell rang the last day of December. But remember what I said about using technology less/smarter?

How is your technology holding you back?  What obstacles did you face in 2016 that you want to avoid in 2017?  What slowed down productivity?  What affected the security of your information?

Plan ahead when it comes to how technology will affect your organization in 2017.  If you aren’t sure … if you haven’t given it any thought … or if you don’t know about some of the great new advances in technology that could be implemented in your organization, let your West Valley Technical Services technician sit down with you and do a review of your business.  If you know of another business that might have a few new tech goals for 2017, we love referrals, too.

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