Frequently Asked Questions (Part 16)

Q) How old is too old when it comes to a computer? 

A) Computers aren’t like cars or appliances that are designed to last for decades before being replaced.  And even if a computer does survive years of service, chances are it won’t even support whatever the latest software needs are.  As a general rule of thumb, 5 to 7 years tends to be the average lifespan for computer equipment.  The standard warranty on computers is rarely longer than one year, and the longest we have ever seen is 5 years and even that was only on government purchases.  So if your machine has lasted you 7 years or more, you should be proud of it, but consider purchasing a newer system if it starts to act up.  Chances are, it’s not worth spending money on to repair at that point.  As always, we will point you in the right direction should you reach out to us.

Q) I don’t see anything on my screen at all, but my computer is turned on.  What does that mean?

A) The very first thing we check in cases like this is to make sure the cable that connects the monitor to your computer hasn’t come disconnected for whatever reason.  You’d be surprised how often that is the cause!  If that checks out, you’ll want to make sure the monitor is getting power (another common occurrence.)  If all the connections are solid and everything is getting power, there is a chance that there is a hardware issue with the PC itself.  In those cases, it’s a better idea to reach out to a local PC repair shop or a professional that is willing to come to where the PC is to look at it.  If you are in the Boise, Idaho area, we would be happy to make a quick housecall in a case like this.

Q) How can I print from my mobile device?

A) MObile printing used to be a big hassle, requiring special apps and proprietary printers.  In the last few years, both Apple and Google have made it much easier to print from their devices, however.  All you really need to do is look for printers that support “AirPrint” if you use Apple devices, and/or “Google Cloud Print” if you use Android devices.  Keep in mind that the printer(s) will need to be connected to the same wireless network as your mobile devices in the case of Apple devices.  In the case of Google devices, the printer just needs to have a connection to the Internet and be added to the same Google account that the mobile device uses (or be shared with that account.)  If that sounds a bit too complicated, we can give you a hand setting up either one, too 🙂

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