Frequently Asked Questions (Part 15)

Q) Why does my computer take forever to connect to the internet?

A) It’s actually normal to take a few seconds for a computer to establish a network connection when it first boots up.  If you are having trouble connecting during the course of regular use, however, there may be another issue at play.  If you are on a wireless connection, there are a lot of variables that can affect it.  Interference from other wireless devices in the near vicinity can slow your connection down or even interrupt it, as well as non-computer devices like microwaves or cordless phones in close proximity.  If this is your situation, I’d recommend reaching out to a local IT professional to have them troubleshoot your connection, or if you can, switch over to a wired connection to avoid any potential interference.

Q) Do I need an anti-virus program on my tablet?

A) As a general rule, you shouldn’t, although there has been some malware written for Android devices that you may want to protect yourself from if that’s what you are using.  If you have an iOS device, as long as you don’t jailbreak it, you should be fine without anything.  Our suggestion would be to use “AVAST Mobile Security” if you have an Android device and want that added peace of mind

Q) My laptop battery won’t hold a charge.  What should I do?

A) Batteries are the one component of laptops that the manufacturer knows will stop working at some point, and are typically not covered under warranty as a result.  If you ever encounter a laptop that won’t hold a charge, the first thing to try is to order a replacement battery from by searching for your laptop’s model number.  Most batteries cost between $20-$100, so it’s a fairly cheap repair, and most batteries just have a release switch on the bottom of the laptop to remove them.  Just make sure you turn the laptop off completely before changing the battery!  Don’t put it in standby!  If the battery still won’t charge after replacing it with a new one, then the laptop will need service and you will need to determine if it’s worth it to repair at that point

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