Frequently Asked Questions (Part 13)

Q) Do I really need an anti-virus?

A) If you are using a Windows computer, then it is advisable to utilize an antivirus solution, yes.  They come in two different types: real-time and on-demand.  If you are using Windows 10 or newer, there is already a free Microsoft real-time antivirus built in.  It’s only about 90% effective at catching malware, so you might want to consider another more effective product, however.  Currently, we suggest AVAST free, which is about 98% effective and doesn’t cost anything.  For on-demand scanners (ones you would run only after you’ve been infected because your real-time scanner didn’t catch it) we currently suggest Malwarebytes anti-malware, which is also free.

Q) Am I really supposed to let my laptop battery run all the way down once in a while?

A) This is a carry-over from bygone days when laptop batteries were made of Nickel-Cadmium, which were very prone to developing a “memory” and losing capacity if you didn’t let them discharge every so often.  Fortunately, recent laptops use Lithium Polymer batteries that are far less prone to this, so as a general rule, it’s not really necessary to let them discharge all the way anymore.

Q) Why does each user really need their own log in and password?

A) There is a sliding scale of security versus convenience, and this falls under the category of a minor inconvenience to provide considerable security benefits.  Everyone having their own login allows the computers to isolate individuals’ files and allows IT administrators to know who accessed what resource at what time, as well as control who can have access to any given resource.

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