Does Windows 8 Have a Place in Your Comp

Does Windows 8 Have a Place in Your Company?

As we provide managed IT services to various organizations, we often get the question “Should we buy Windows 8 computers?” It seems like you can’t purchase a Windows 7 machine at a store anymore without paying a premium (if they offer computers with 7 on them at all.) Our experience so far has led us to say “Not yet.” Having to deal with the frustration of learning a new way of interacting with your computer at work (an already stressful environment) is not something we can recommend with a clear conscience to our customers. Our advice: find a local made-to-order computer company that can build you a computer with Windows 7 on it and can provide their own tech support. In our area, we use a company called SR Systems. If you do an online search for local computer manufacturers in your area, chances are you’ll find one that can provide Windows 7 machines too.

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