What could DeVos mean to technology in the classroom?


What could DeVos mean to technology in the classroom?

For those that have been hiding under a rock the last month or so (and I mean REALLY hiding), you may not be aware that Donald Trump is President-Elect.  And with that, the announcement of a number of proposed staff member appointments have been in the news, as well.

There is one that probably affects a good portion of our clients. “President-elect Donald J. Trump has voiced his pick for Education Secretary, saying he’ll appoint Republican philanthropist and school-choice activist Betsy DeVos to the position.” (EdSurge.com) But aside from the obvious, that she will greatly change the face of education during her time in office, why would we at West Valley Technical Services be interested?

“She says technology has a role in the classroom: “I think digital learning is in its infancy relative to the influence that it can and will have,” she told Philanthropy Roundtable in 2013. “I was bored all the way through high school. I can only imagine how much more boring it is today, when you check all of those new technologies at the door and go sit in rows of desks and listen to somebody talk at you for 30 or 40 minutes. Can you imagine sitting through an indifferent lecture when you know there are programs that make learning fun, resources that make information instantly accessible? I can’t.””

We know how important technology is in schools.  For the teachers, the staff, and most certainly the students.  Part of what we do is make sure that districts aren’t struggling to identify their own issues when it comes to providing hardware, software and networking solutions that best meet not just current needs, but FUTURE needs.  How many of you upgrade your phone as soon as you can, but are still expecting to use 8 years old hardware or networking to provide adequate education solutions?  Maybe you are colleagues with someone that has a district struggling to find budget friendly solutions.  

And of course this doesn’t just apply to schools.  Are you hiring employees that have been trained in school on better equipment and more current software than what you are currently utilizing in your office?  Are you keeping up with the competition.  You know your business, whether it is public or private schools, or public or private business.  WE KNOW TECHNOLOGY.  

Start the New Year with an advantage, before Trump or DeVos even take office.  Know what it will take to get your network up to peak performance by contacting your WVTS technician.  And we appreciate referrals.  If you have experienced exceptional service from us, we would love to have you recommend us to your colleagues or write us a review.

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