Downtime … Disconnecting … Remote

These are all words that can be fabulous if you are looking forward to your next vacation, spending time with the family during the holidays, or headed out hunting. NOT if you are in business or an educator. Those words mean your staff can’t work as efficiently. That means your clients can’t reach you or worse, BUY from you. It means students can’t research. And if you are a remote business or school, it means you may be completely cut off from communication.

At West Valley Technical Services, we pride ourselves in finding the best solutions for your business or school. We know that means taking time to do an in depth analysis of your needs, resources, and current equipment. When a hardware need is found, we at WVTS like to find the most reliable equipment for your needs at prices that work with your budget. Idaho is home to some of the best technology companies in the country. So finding a plethora of suppliers is great for us, but might be a bit daunting for you. How do you know who has the best reputation without necessarily paying for ‘name?’

On our list of preferred suppliers is Cradlepoint, located right here in the Treasure Valley. “IT professionals are increasingly seeking network solutions that offer enough flexibility to evolve with the organization while maintaining ROI, performance, reliability, security, ease-of-use, and maximum speed-to-deployment. (” With fabulous solutions for machine to machine (M2M), In-Vehicle devices, and both permanent and temporary networks, Cradlepoint allows West Valley Technical Services to help meet or exceed your connectivity expectations without exceeding your budget.

If you think it might be time for a device upgrade or network solution analysis, contact our office today to have your technician schedule an appointment. Maybe you know someone getting ready to establish a new location or expanding their needs. We welcome referrals and will make certain to be worthy of your recommendation.

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