But it’s brand new!

Show of hands.

How many of you took advantage of some of the “Fantastic Savings” on Black Friday and got yourself a brand new computer?

OK, another show of hands.

How many of you anxiously started up those brand spanking new devices only to be disappointed that it seems to take 5 times as long as your old computer to get anything done.  I was so excited to get a new laptop only to have starting Chrome be a pain, let alone trying to use any of the other programs.


You didn’t pick the wrong device.  There probably isn’t anything wrong with it.  Most devices come with SO many extra programs and configurations now … sponsored programs, etc … that are what you might call “resource-hungry.”  They are taking up so much memory and CPU you don’t have enough left to do the basic tasks like starting up your internet browser.

Now there are some suggestions you can use.  The first is always to do a good old reboot of your computer.  But if that isn’t working here are some ideas:

  1.    If you are attempting to locate those “Resource-hungry”, open Task Manager
  2.    Close System Tray Programs
  3.    Disable Startup Programs
  4.    Reduce Animations

(For 6 more tips and instructions to each, see 10 Quick Ways to Speed Up a Slow PC Running Windows 7, 8, or 10)

If looking at that list makes you feel a bit overwhelmed, you might want to talk to your West Valley Technical Services technician the next time he makes a call. We would be happy to help get that computer up to speed for you.

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